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Productdetails don't sell

Bijgewerkt: 26 mrt 2019

In the past productmarketing was about creating productsheets and catalogues. The focus was on the product itself rather then taking stakeholders by the hand during the customer journey.

Customers have so many options to choose from nowadays, meaning your productmarketing material should raise an eyebrow when your target group is exposed to it. Both timing and content need to be spot-on and meaningful for your target group. 

But why do I still see cases of too much detailed, too technical information in the market and communication material that does not even mention the benefit of the product to the user/buyer?

Productdevelopers and productmanagers are fantastic and knowledgeable people in all the nitty-gritty of products, for them features are the solution for solving customer problems. And they are right. To them this type of information comes natural.

However a customer doesn’t understand features, what is the impact, what does it offer me… And their attention is lost. They want to know the benefits and want to be helped to take a well founded decision which product or service suit them best. 

Productmarketing is about taking the (potential) customer stakeholders by the hand during the stages in the customer journey. This can be done with smart decision-tool, product-consultancy by an expert etc., all depending on what stage of the buying process you are in. 

But first start with changing your product communication into benefits and advantage communication that is meaningful for your target-group. Training your productteams in advantage and benefit thinking will make a difference.

High quality end-user focussed productmarketing material enhances the sales process and gives your salesforce a head start from your competition as you are more meaningful to the customer. 

A win-win situation, faster go to market, happy customers and a more customer focused productteam.

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