• Margo Paap

No more brainstorming in productdevelopment

If you want to avoid spending too much time and investments on ideas that don’t work, dive into this book. #Sprint, how to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 5 days.

The book is easy to read, very structured and entertaining. It offers good methodologies for strategy, ideation, quick scanning thought prototyping and testing.

Some take- aways from the book and very helpful for #productmanagers as well:

1. Don’t jump into solutions, map out the problem and agree on an ambitious initial target

2. Don’t shout ideas, work independently, no brainstorming

3. Use voting methodology and a decider instead of debating and endless meetings

4. Make a ‘facade’ for prototyping

5. Test your prototype with targetcustomers and get honest reactions

The feedback from your sprint allows you to make quick, founded decisions on your next steps, without overspending in time and money.

Good Luck!

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