• Margo Paap

How to develop successful products & services

Is it that simple,Yes it is. So why do more than 70% of productintroductions fail?

Here are some of my insights to inspire you and maybe help you to reflect on your own companies achievements in #productdevelopment & #productmarketing.

  • Development process not balancing correctly between your markets & their needs, key-features & technology and your businessgoals

  • Insufficient knowledge of your targetgroup pains and gains (stop guessing)

  • Lack of productdevelopment competences ( managing the development process, stakeholders, suppliers, partners)

  • Lack or gap between productdevelopment 'rules' and reality, the powergame is on

  • Product marketing too much focussing on product details, hence not understood by your targetgroup

  • Too long time-to-market, which allows competition to overtake with products or even new technologies

Of course there are more reasons why products fail but the good thing is, you can work on them. How?
  • Productdevelopment process review, time, quality, stakeholder management, productroadmap & productbacklogging

  • Gain customer insights, marketsurvey, customerinterviews or panels

  • #Productmanagementtraining. (have a look at the Nima productmanagement and productdevelopment mastercourse)

  • Establish a multi-disciplinary Productboard team, aligning and involving all relevant stakeholders

  • Set up a product marketing framework, with targeted benefits and advantages

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