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How to develop meaningfull products

Bijgewerkt: 15 feb 2019

Developing products is not that complicated, but developing the right products for your target group, marketing & selling them in the correct way, that is the most crucial part of any development. Focus, clear directions and managing multidisciplinary teams lead to great results. 

The correct objective and value proposition towards your target group should be leading and can help to focus on what your offer will be. If your value proposition is covering the customers problem, and your products and services are aligned with solving that problem. Customers will be much more likely to buy products from you.

Add value. I have had good experiences with price-fighting market segments, by having above organised correctly, it demonstrated that we had business understanding and knew where our customers needed help. We created added value and won contracts at higher price levels than our competitors. We became a natural business partner, instead of a supplier.

Off-course you need to have a competent team around you, but even in smaller companies it is interesting to challenge if you have the correct knowledge about your target group, the correct focus on how you want to be perceived and if your valueproposition is aligned

Be clear about what your objective is and steer accordingly. 

I am pretty sure you will loose waste activities within your whole company, and you can empower your team members much more then before.

And that is a fantastic side effect, people know they are a contributor and are part of the success that will follow. A win-win-win situation. Company results, employees satisfaction and happy customers.

Good luck!

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